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This house of God is open for you; the Lord has been waiting to see you come home.

A place to leave behind the past, to have the
fullness of the present,
and to look forward to the bright future.

The authors of Holy Scripture tell us that even when life’s tragedies and calamities seem unbearable, there is always hope.  They assure us that there is a future, for all of us, because God is in our future.  In the New Testament Book of Hebrews it is written:  “Let us keep firm in the hope we profess, because the one who made the promise is faithful.”

      Hope is a miracle of everyday life.  In troubled times, hope is the anchor of the human spirit.  Never let it slip from your grasp.

      Hope is an attitude we adopt in the face of what seems to be God’s silence.  Who of us can say that we have not been confronted by this seeming silence, and we’re left feeling empty and betrayed by life?  In times like that the scripture says, “Hold to hope in God.”  In spite of the frightening circumstances into which you may find yourself, hold to hope in God!

      What may happen to one may happen to all.  If one suffers, all may suffer. If one experiences the silence of anticipation, all may experience it.  Sooner or later, all of us come face to face with overwhelming circumstances from which there is no escape.  It is then, in that awful silence, that we need to call up the kind of courage that holds fast to hope in God.

      In struggling with the impediments of our lives, we discover hidden resources of strength that refine us and make us more effective people.  In struggling with and accepting our imperfections, we discover a sense of oneness in the Christian community that empowers and inspires and uplifts.

      Before Jesus entered into His public ministry, John the Baptist appeared on the scene preaching to a people of hope.  The crowds, Luke tells us, were “Full of anticipation.”  They wondered if God, in His mercy, had delivered to them the promised Messiah in the person of this powerful preacher. 

      Then John announced to them the Good News.  Their hope was not in vain.  “Someone is coming,” he said, “Someone who is more powerful than I am, and I am not fit to undo the strap of His sandals; He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire”.

      And Jesus came to the people and He lit their fire, and the flaming, sacred torch of hope can never be extinguished because, in Jesus Christ, God’s victory over darkness, despair and even death, is total.


· In Christ, God’s kingdom is coming toward us.

· In Christ, God invites us to move towards Him.

· In the Word though whom all things came into existence, we have our hope that there is a future for all of us because God is in our future.


 Cling to hope, it is a miracle of everyday life.  More than ever, the world needs people of hope.

In His Light,

Bishop Raymond Contois

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