This house of God is open for you; the Lord has been waiting to see you come home.

A place to leave behind the past, to have the
fullness of the present,
and to look forward to the bright future.

Like an early spring sunrise that shifts the whole winter landscape into retreat and also brings hope to a solitary sparrow that stayed and rode out the storms of winter, the renewing power of God affects both the very large and very little. The Psalmist suggests as much. He says, “Thou (God) renewest the face of the earth.” On a different scale, he also prays, “Renew a right spirit within me.” God’s renewing power resolves concerns that are planet-wide – and sparrow small.


Today, too, humanity’s needs come in both sizes. At one extreme, an entire nation’s infrastructure, its roads and bridges, its dams and levees, and more, demand repair or replacement. At the other extreme, a lone individual, perhaps faced with some serious condition, may be overwhelmed by fear and fighting for survival. The renewing power of God offers help in both cases and can bring fresh solutions to where it seemed there were none.


These solutions are always in keeping with God’s nature. He doesn’t simply restore decaying matter with more gross matter. God isn’t operating on a material framework. Rather, He is expressing His spiritual nature. That’s renewing! As one realizes this in prayer, it grows easier to shed material beliefs for spiritual understanding. Then new views of God’s renewing power begin to open up.


Think of God as “Divine Love”.  “Love” cherishes its own creation right now, every second. Because this divine cherishing proceeds from almighty Love, it renews the hope of any individual who might feel despair. Fear and despair lose their grip and drop away as the assurances of Love take hold in thought.  Healing follows.


Or, think of God as “Infinite Mind”, the source of all intelligence. “Mind” knows its own ideas and each idea is being made anew as it is constantly realized afresh.  While this occurs in consciousness, it is a spiritual event. Evidence of this renewed consciousness shows up in daily life – perhaps in behavior freed from old and detrimental patterns.


Other names of God reveal other dimensions of His being. “Principle” establishes and orders its creation, and keeps every aspect of that creation in right relation to all other aspects of creation. Since God is “Omnipresent”, principle is constantly acting on our behalf, universally.


“Immortal Soul” identifies and perceives each of us as constantly new.  Our soul-maintained identity has no declining elements when it is in conformity with divine intent, only ongoing strength and rightly performing faculties. As well, indestructible “Life” invigorates, enlivens, and quickens. Life can’t be resisted and as the emanation of life, we are refreshed every moment.


God is “Truth.” Truth’s liberating action never lets anyone linger in the imprisoning cycle of decline.  When we become conscious of Truth’s freeing action, our revitalized consciousness helps redeem the world. We can help to heal and renew others, even if just one person at a time.


Let’s rejoice that renewal happens now because Spirit, everywhere guarding, maintaining, and caring, constantly inspires an invigorated awareness of life and spiritual renewal in every human heart.

In His Light,

Bishop Raymond Contois