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This house of God is open for you; the Lord has been waiting to see you come home.

A place to leave behind the past, to have the
fullness of the present,
and to look forward to the bright future.

After a treaty has been signed and troops withdrawn, there is still a battle to be won in the hearts of the combatants. It is a battle to resolve differences and to win genuine peace.

     In today's modern conflicts, it's doubtful if a war can be won in the conventional sense, but there is no doubt that peace can and must be victorious. Although making sure that peace has the last word may require compromise, it must never be based on immoral positions, dishonest premises or be contrary to Truth.

     Genuine peace is much more than the absence of warfare. It is bringing to human hearts God's government. It is calling upon spiritual forces to overrule the merely material. This demands an understanding of God and His laws, and the commitment to live these laws in every area of being. To understand and obey these divine instructions, we need to understand their source, and that means learning more of the nature of God.

     A most significant attribute of God in bringing peace to the world is oneness. You have heard it said that, “God is one.” The all-ness of Deity is His oneness, no conflicting directions. We don't need to linger in a quandary over what to do, nor do we find our selves wrestling with inner strife.

     This oneness is not limited but infinite.  And, although there is no sameness, no matter what our background, we are all governed by a uniformity of Divine laws. An early Bible writer glimpsed this equity and wrote, "Ye shall have one manner of law, as well for the stranger, as for one of your own country: for I am the Lord your God" (Lev. 24:22).

     This impartiality of the laws of the one God is the basis for universal peace. A so-called peace that depends on the limitations of human diplomacy and understanding in order to keep everything quiet is not peace. It's a phase of warfare that may soon lead to an outbreak of open conflict.

     World peace will be made one individual at a time, situation by situation, day by day. Knowing and feeling Truth in one's heart instills inner peace and inspires us to resolve conflicts with our neighbor.

Resolving personal differences is important to gaining a more hopeful view of our world. We have our role in ushering in the time when universal harmony is the norm and it begins within our own hearts. There is a great reward for making peace in your daily encounters, and a goal to be reached day by day.

     Finding a spirit of reconciliation in your heart at the time of a misunderstanding opens the door to another's peace of mind. If there is no one to do battle with, there is no battle. While winning the struggle for peace, there are no losers. All receive the Christ’s blessing, "Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God" (Matt. 5:9).

     Perhaps this promise is also saying that the children of God are peacemakers. Praying to God as "Our Father" affirms our role as peacemaker and participant in bringing harmony to a troubled world. Personally realizing inner “Peace” as a son or daughter of the Most High is a victory for all and brings about the world peace which the Lord intends.

In His Light,

Bishop Raymond Contois


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