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The Charismatic Catholic Church was started in Canada during the 1960's in the Spirit of the Second Vatican Council. Two priests, Andre Barbeau and Andre LeTellier, heard the call to spread the healing message of the Gospels within the context of small caring communities. They received the support and jurisdiction needed for such an effort from the bishops of the Old Catholic Church in Europe. In 1968, Andre Barbeau was consecrated a bishop/archbishop by the bishops of the Old Catholic Church and became the first Patriarch of the Charismatic Catholic Church of Canada.

There are many Catholic Rites throughout the world, sixteen (16) of which are united under the Pope: the Roman Catholic Church (the largest), the Melchite Catholic Church, the Ukrainian Catholic Church, the Maronite Catholic Church, and the Syriac Catholic Church-just to name a few. Married clergy is allowed in all but two of the Rites-the Roman Catholic Church being one of the two which does not allow it except in special circumstance. There are also Catholic Rites which are not in communion with Rome but which the Vatican considers to be VALID-the old Catholic Church, the Old Roman Catholic Church, the Polish National Catholic Church are a few of those.


The Charismatic Catholic Church of Canada was started under the jurisdiction of the Old Catholic bishops and thus has valid apostolic succession and valid sacraments. The Charismatic Catholic Church has offered submission to the Pope since 1968. It is Catholic in its tradition as well as in all matters of faith, morals, and essential doctrine. It is a sacramental church and seeks to promote the Truth of the Gospels as such. The Charismatic Catholic Church is ecumenical in spirit and invites all to a life in Christ in small, caring, non-legalistic, pastoral parishes. Our guiding principle in all our endeavors is "What would Jesus do?".


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