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Annual Memorial Mass

A memorial to your loved ones. 

Have a loved one who has gone home to our Lord

celebrated at Bethany’s “Memorial Mass”, being held on Sunday, November 3rd, 2019, at 9:00am. 

(This mass is to remember any loved one who has passed, whether it was in the last year,

or the last 100 years)

(Picture, name and date of death will be

put on a memorial candle)

Please call the church for more information.

"He who believes in me will never die"  John 11:26

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Phil Woods 10-5-15
Guy Samson 7-1-14
AnnaMarie Morrissette 5-6-93
Judy Morrisette 6-4-2014
Lola Langone 7-16-17
Jackie Shumway 7-18-17
Don Martin 9-4-2017
Paul Gerard Giard 6-2-17
Francis Bourque 5-28-17
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Robert Benoit 9-6-11
Donna Egan 9-11-95
Paul Muise 1-7-14
Doris Muise 7-16-14
Chris Muise 8-2-14
Joe Felton 5-13-13
Robert Matukaitis 5-15-98
Dorothia Moody 7-25-04
John Thompson Sr 8-20-53
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Agostinho DeSousa 8-19-03
Christy Jane Amato 12-1-71 to 2-26-76
Jerry O'Connor 5-29-11
Joan Garneau 5-2-16
Estelene (Edwin) Blondin 10-2-1968
Chuck Goddard 1-22-14
Jack Leonard 8-9-14
Albert Poirier 4-10-16
Randy Torres 10-26-14
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Jerry D Wilson 2019
Diane LaFramboise (1-29-2019)
Robert C. Gray - August 30, 2018
Roland Cardin December 3, 2017
Roberta Wilson (5-27-2018)
Pauline Parker 7-29-17
Lew Caron 3-11-2017
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