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Apostolic Succession in the
Charismatic Catholic Church of Canada

Cardinal Scipione Rebiba, Bishop of Troia,
who on March 12, 1566 consecrated

Giulio Antonio Santorio, Archbishop of Santa Severina,
who on September 7, 1586 consecrated

Girolamo Bernerio, O.P., Bishop of Ascoli Piceno
who on April 4, 1604 consecrated

Galeazzo Sanvitale, Archbishop of Bari,
who on May 2, 1621 consecrated

Ludovico Ludovisi, Archbishop of Bologna,
who on June 16, 1622 consecrated

Luigi Caetani, Roman Catholic Titular Patriarch of Antioch,
who on October 7, 1630 consecrated

Giovanni Battista Scannaroli, Titular Bishop of Sidon
who on October 24, 1655 consecrated

Cardinal Antonio Barberini, Bishop of Frascati,
who as Archbishop of Rheims
consecrated on Nov. 12, 1668

Charles Maurice LeTellier, Coadjutor of Rheims,
who September 21, 1670 consecrated

Jaques Benigne Boussuet, Bishop of Meaux,
who on October 24, 1693 consecrated

Jaques Goyon de Matignon, Bishop of Condon,
who, by mandate of Pope Clement XI,
on Feb. 12, 1719 consecrated

Dominicus Marie Varlet, Bishop of Ascalon
who on Oct. 17, 1739 consecrated

Petrus Johannes Meindaerts, Archbishop of Utrecht,
who on July 11, 1745 consecrated

Johannes van Spithout, Bishop of Haarlam,
who on February 7, 1768 consecrated

Gualterus Michael van Neiwenbuizen, Archbishop of Utrecht,
who on June 21, 1778 consecrated

Adrianus Johannes Brockman, Bishop of Haarlam,
who on July 5, 1797 consecrated

Johannes Jacobus van Rhijn, Archbishop of Utrecht,
who on November 7, 1805 consecrated

Gisbert Cornelius de Jong, Bishop of Deventor,
who on April 24, 1814 consecrated

Willibrod van Os, Archbishop of Utrecht,
who on April 22, 1819 consecrated

Johannes Bon, Bishop of Haarlam,
who on June 14, 1825 consecrated

Johannes van Santen, Archbishop of Utrecht,
who on July 17, 1854 consecrated

Herman Keylamp, Bishop of Deventor,
who on August 11, 1873 consecrated

Casparus Johannes Rinkel, Bishop of Haarlam,
who on May 11, 1892 consecrated

Gerard Gul, Archbishop of Utrecht,
who on April 28, 1908 consecrated

Arnold Matthew Harris, Regionary Bishop of Great Britain,
who on Oct. 28, 1914 consecrated

Frederick Samuel Willoughby, Bishop of Britain,
who on July 9, 1922 consecrated

James Bartholomew Banks, Bishop of Windsor,
who in 1924 consecrated

Matthew Cooper, Bishop of Greenwich,
who on Jan. 31, 1954 consecrated

Charles Brearly, Bishop of Yorkshire, later elected Archbishop,
who on May 14, 1968 consecrated

Andre Barbeau, Archbishop of Quebec,
who on May 24, 1968 consecrated

Andre Letellier, Coadjutor of Quebec
who on May 31, 1997 consecrated

Raymond Contois, Bishop of Brimfield

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